While most bloggers would be on break …am starting early. Its the first day of the year and am feeling highly productive. Am currently off work So I thought I would take advantage and write when I can record videos and create as much content as I can.

Brunch With Greenery In Madrid

The cosy and modern atmosphere in the Madrid at exactly 3pm is where people flock to enjoy a light bite, dinner, or drinks. A colonial decor and an intimate ambience .with dishes from sushi and hamburgers to Mediterranean dishes. With such a varied menu you won’t fall short on what to eat.

4 Misconceptions About Blogging

You are one tweet any from a huge press drop…That what the blogging industry has become in 2018. A lot of this misconception of this industry comes from social media and brands. I had conversions with other bloggers about the industry how they constantly have to defend their line of work. There are a lot of misconceptions about blogging but these four came up more often.