LA Girl Calcium Builder | Building My Nails Back

Old habits die hard so baby steps shell we! ….I have a new set of nails every two weeks .Sunday was the day for nail change. I would pick a new nail color and select a new shape form my collection of fake nail. That’s was my old way of doing things.

Blue & Grey Dining Room

It’s an unwritten rule that the most difficult room to design is the dining room. So often than not its a room that is in the worst part of the house, dark and unwelcoming.

Skin Care Routine For Normal Skin

Over the years I realised that there are different skin types and not everyone can use one face wash.
I wanted to crate a skin care menu for each skin care type. In this post, we are tackling

South African Bloggers Life Update

had to step back and really think about this. I got bitten by the blog number bug. Its all I cared about and more so on social media. I took over my creative processes and I did feel good about anything I produced. It was terrible.

South African Beauty Blogger | Foundation Routine Full Coverage

Foundation Routine Full Coverage 01 October 2018 I have don too many foundation reviews so I thought I could bring you my foundation routine…It is full coverage. I have a lot of foundation I could choose from in the morning but these two …Yes, two foundations really help me. Watch the video to see what I mean.…

Best Powders For Woman Of Colour

There has to a lot said about setting powders. Every woman of color has their own preference when comes to the power of the powder. But there are powders that top the ranks for me. The Black Opal Deluxe Finish Powder Black opal has the best shade range when it comes to products of the woman of…