3 Foundation Rules

I had to learn the hard way really, I don’t know how many foundation mistakes I have had in past. Brought foundations with incorrect undertones, incorrect formulas that list goes on really. There is a huge misconception about foundations. Like there is one perfect shade…Now my best foundation routines I always use two foundations.
Most beauty brands create a lot of correcter shades..and its mostly brands that have a lot of shades in a foundation line to choose from. It’s not easy to figure the different undertones if you are a beginner in this game. In this blog post, I will be giving you the best foundation rules I go by to not make mistakes.
1.Understand Your Skin

Your skin changes as you get older and you have to keep up with it. Your current foundation might not be your everyday foundation a year from now. We have different skincare concerns and skincare types. My skincare type is combination but my skin concern is acne and hyperpigmentation. I go for foundations that are high coverage and water-based. Finding a formula that works with your skin is a blessing your skin wit thank you.


2.Understand Your Undertone

Can I laugh…LoL, I never understood my undertone for years…I mean years. It’s only when I started with my youtube channel that I realized that my shade was correct and the undertone was incorrect. The chances of you finding the perfect undertone and shade in a foundation are slim to none. The rule is to find your undertone first not the shade and please swatch on your neck or the chest, not your face… right! cool.

3. Go in Layers

Now that you got the foundation or foundations you can work with. Its time to apply it. Everyone and their aunt and sisters will tell you what they think is the best tool or way to apply a foundation. Its all about personal needs really but if were are talking about the formulas now that’s different. …Like you cant use a makeup brush to apply a mousse foundation.

Many moons ago I would have gone with a brush but a beauty blender is a good friend right now. It’s purely because of the type of foundations I use. Water- base and buildable. You want layers that build on each other like nail polish. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, and then repeat until you get the coverage you’re looking for.

And that’s the rules I use…I mean like I mentioned these might change as I get older. But I always chose my foundation, not according to what I like or what’s trending but on weather, my skin will be pleased with me or not.

What are your rule or rules? Comment down below