Acne Skin Care Products

Good skin takes the time I know reading this having to deal with acne its, not something you want to here but its the truth.

For months I have been dealing with a lot in terms of my skin. But I finally found want works, and not I won’t tell you to drink a lot of water and mind your business, not these products really work.

First, you need to understand that in order to get the results that you want you to need to find a proud that will work for you. These products might not work for you. I have tried every product under the sun to get rid of my hormonal acne but It did go any were.

I have hormonal access and it genetic. My mother had is in her 20’s and she said once she had kids it went away. Now it was the pill or trying every product, mask and acne pills under the sun.

I was about to give up when I found these products. African Extracts Purifying African Extracts Purifying is the range for you if you experience regular breakouts, spots and pimples and have skin that produces excess oil.

These easy-to-use products have natural Bio-Active Rooibos extract to calm and soothe and baobab extract to help reduce oiliness and shine. Salicylic acid helps unclog pores to prevent breakouts and dry out and heal spots.

What makes this skin care product work for me is the Salicylic acid. I have noticed all the products that contain this acid my skin responds well to it.

I still do get a breakout , not that much am sure I get one pimple once a mouth when being on my period.