Having a touch of architectural design in your house is so trendy right now

The architectural details in this room are absolutely stunning. This majestic look is paired up with stylish but very clean and simple furniture and objects, just because the details of the building are so elaborate. One of the elements that iv seen many home owners do is that of crown modulating to bring the outside in.In some instances like in this majestic living room there are crown molding in the ceiling as well.There high ceilings help in creating that effect of a tall building.

Being very clever in picking the color you will use in your decor is very important. The architectural decor is playing with more whites and neutrals then vibrate colors.Having statement objects that you would normally see in your buildings in the city like pillars with crown moldings is a classic way of adding a bit of architectural detail in your living room. This a bit of knowledge that v gathered in the time Iv been into the decor.It has to be a reflection of how I would decorate my home am sure.I hope you love my insight on my taste in decor.

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