Scent is the strongest tie to a memory sexy, sensual and seductive are the words that best describe this scent am currently have on. I have to be honest I find it very difficult to pick a perfect scent for me …Some woman prefers to have one signature scent which I find very boring, your scent should match your current mood and how to feeling …


For A Girls Night Out

This particular scent makes me feel very sexy with its, ylang-ylang, jasmine and vanilla & woods it’s not hard to fall in love with this scent.

If you want something new and fresh this scent is the best way to do that . To have a scent that continues to get better as the day progresses, reaching its full potential after a good couple of hours as it’s had time to really warm into my skin.




When applying perfume you should hit your pulse points – neck/behind the ears, inner arm near the elbows, wrists and behind the knees. When applying, spray about 15cm away from the skin and then dab, do not rub.

What I do is I use this scent when am going to have a long night out with my girls It clings to my clothes I don’t have to worry of it feeding away as the night continues …actually the scent gets better with time. If you are a woman who loves warm scent then this is for you.

Juicy peach and luminous freesia mingled with Indian jasmine and finished with seductive sandalwood is a mood and I do highly recommend it.


Its A Date Night

It’s a mood it’s exactly the best way to describe this scent.



A date would be perfect to use this don’t you think?….not going to the movies but more of a date night with candle lights. Now let’s get into the this of this scent …Its packaging is very unique I love the shape of the bottle, it’s not too heavy to carry in your makeup bag which is a plus for me. One thing you can consider about Avon is that this scent will last long.

It is a hypnotic scent of luscious plum and purple orchid with hints of warm vanilla and musk. It somehow feels masculine to me. It’s a scent that is perfect when I want to make a statement that’s the way it’s very perfect for date night.

My Everyday Scent

I have just jumped out of the shower and that’s when I  first spraying onto my skin I was impressed with the richness of the scent and it smelt far more expensive than it actually was.

With orange blossom; Indian jasmine and African violet it was quick to become my everyday scent. With the base notes of amber; sandalwood; rosewood and musk. It became  the starting point of every conversation. 
Am very happy with theses threes scents very affordable with good quality.
What was your favorite Avon scent?