I wanted to be extremely honest when I did this review.So I did something that I never thought I would do and that is to leave my trusting Eucerin for a month which am not so mad at after I have used BeaucienceAm well into my 20’s so anti ageing products should start showing up on my skin care routine. I was in denial for a good year or so when I was sent this package I thought this must be the universe telling me it’s time. 

Beaucience (pronounced bo-ci-on) is a proudly South African professional skin care brand specifically focusing on using natural formulations and organic ingredients where possible. With the combination of the unique peptide ingredients Proteasyl derived from the pea plant and essential oils, the result is a kind yet direct approach to ageing for men and women alike.


Beaucience is a company created to supply unique and exceptional ranges of anti-ageing skin care products for the entire body.

Beaucience Cleansing Gel

If you your are running low on your makeup remover this would be the best replacement till you restock on your makeup remover.This is a  natural facial cleansing gel from the Beaucience botanical range; a soap-free formula with amazing anti-ageing properties. I loved how good it feels on my skin and how non- forming it is. Most face washes that are forming which scrip the skin of its natural oils which we don’t want.The special active ingredient in Beaucience cleansing gel is Proteasyl, a powerful botanical skin rejuvenator made from pea extract. It doesn’t have a distinct smell which I love as well.The packaging is a  dream a pump, yes which makes using the product so easy.There is a good blend of healing ingredients like aloe vera, peach extract and organic green tea. This ph-balanced cleanser will gently wash away dirt and impurities, while also nourishing your skin, fighting the signs of ageing and giving you a killer complexion. For R82.00  am sold aren’t you?

Beaucience Botanical Combination Skin

I have combination skin as hard as it is to find a skin product that will not make you too oily or too dry but balance your face so it could be some what normal, it’s something I have found in this moisturizer.Light, non-greasy, yet effective day or night cream for combination skin its what you get. I love to use this cream under my makeup …you know you guys that I am not that big on primers but big on moisturizing your face properly before you apply your foundation.Protecting your skin and repairing your skin ia all I need in a moisturizer.

These two are in my skin care routine now …The Beaucience Botanical Combination Skin retails for about R150 what not to love about this product. Visit their site for more of their products. 


ggtheblog|12 August

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