Beauty Favorites 2018

You must think this is overdone by reading the till of this post. It’s a blogging cult classic at first I thought of doing a video but am in a mood to with so here it goes….lol I just did a video using all my favorites products.

I’ve not loved a lot of new makeup releases this past year. It was more of me being re-introduced to products I have loved before and they got replaced or products that have been released some years back and I’ve only tried them in 2018. Being a blogger you have classic products and products that are always on rotation.

n this post it will be products that are on rotation, so first up will be the foundations I have been loving these two foundations am about to mention. I have tried so many this past 12 mounts or so but the one I have repurchased was the Maybelline Super Stay foundation. Most of my first time try-on ..should I say try-on’s are influenced by YouTube.

I personally haven’t had the luxury of trying high-end foundations ..unfortunately, but if a foundation has almost the characteristics as your Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation am definitely going to try it out. In my video review, I had gotten the wrong foundation I was so happy with the coverage and how it performed that I had to get the correct shade. It has quickly moved up on my beauty shelf to the front, as it is more of my everyday foundation.

With my skin giving me problems in 2018. I have tried to stay away from foundations with an oil base. That’s the main reason I love this foundation when my skin was not acting like it should. It gave me a high coverage and it lasted the whole day. I will not go into the spec’s of the foundation in this post if you want to see the more detailed review please visit my YouTube channel.

The second foundation that has come second but my too new in my collection.Is the Black Opal stick foundation. I know I just mentioned not using oil base foundations …and here I come with this foundation. Well, I have a good reason why I want to try this foundation again. My craving for dewy skin in the winter time took the better of me. Believe it or not, I only used this foundation when I wanted to get a particular look and only have it on for a couple of hours.

It gives my skin the most creamy lux finish and is yet to be replaced by a foundation that could possibly give me the same finish. I could go on and on about this foundation but watch my video on my channel for more.

The sun …its summer and you have to take care of your skin so much so that I have started using sunscreen. Am very bad when it comes to sun protection but in all honesty, I forget it most of the time after I have put on my moisturizer that’s it really. 

It has gotten better I remember my sunscreen more often now. The Eucerin sun cream has become a fast favorite, non-sticky lotion made with licorice extract to protect the skin’s cells against UVA and UVB rays. Absorbs instantly. Water resistant It doesn’t leave you blue or grey …I love it there is a review being in a process of writing about sunscreen make sure you are subscribed to my blog for that.

Moving on …

A highlight, bronze, and blush …am not much of a blush girl. I don’t know but I have been enjoying bronze and blush I got from Foschini It is the perfect shade for my skin undertone, It comes off more natural looking not looking overdone. Its the only combo I reach for lately.

Still, on the highlighting, I have been reaching for the Strobing highlighter palette

It hasn’t been in use for the longest time. I don’t know why that is…I think I just forgot it. But any way I love this palette it’s so beautiful for woman of colour .In particular love the illuminators .That add a glow like no other …watch the video to see the demo.

Now is not one to always put on lashes. I prefer my own lashes at times. Being that having good mascara is very important. The Essence mascara is very much a favorite in that it gets my lashes looking like false lashes in just one coat. It comes with a special curved fibre brush that masterfully coats lashes and helps improve curl.

Last as a favorite it this lip stain also from Foschini. It has surpassed my expectations and more. Am a matte girl all the way and this stain is a matte girl dream come true. Red brings a statement of classic, it will never get old.

It’s not much there are a lot more products than I have loved but these four stand out the most in my beauty shelf. I hope you enjoyed this post.