I often give the salon a miss and tend to my talons myself. It’s very easy to do not complicated at all and in that, I have developed an easy way to do my nails.I have so many nail polishes and over the years I have, come back to my first love which is your nudes and blush pinks.I have dark hands, and so it limits me going of really bright colours that way I opp for more nude and natural colours.Lately, I have been loving the Beauty Value nail polish collection and here’s why…

First, the size of the brush is just the perfect size and length.I have had nail polish brushes that were so not good to the point where it picks up too much product it messes up the nail.The right width and length to ensure that within one or two strokes the polish is where it needs to be.I also loved how straight the brush is the product doesn’t stick on the brush it just slides off.It’s an overall easy process to apply polish.

The frustration that comes with having to deal with chipped and cracked nails two days it’s hell.But I have to say the chipping of the nail polish most and all the time but most of the time it’s because you did prep your nail properly.Even if it’s a fake nail if there is oil in a present of the nail bed.It’s winter and I should be using my reds and mauves but its want works for me not what the season is saying .Nudes all the way …Are you a nude girl like KimK?


ggtheblog | 03 August

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