You must be a makeup lover if you have found your way to this page. It’s the core of my blog it’s the backbone. I love makeup and talking about out it is my first love. On this page you will get a load of my makeup favourites, trends and wishes lists. It could be a new lip stick or a new shadow or a foundation it will be on this page. We all love some expect of makeup weather it would be a lipstick that you always ware or a foundation that you know will never let you down. My love for makeup goes back in my teen years. I use to steel my mother’s black liner or foundation, I would mix my mother’s foundation with my face cream lol …Looking back the feeling of confidences how the black liner in particular enhanced my eyes…I loved it. On the note of feelings …a lot of people talk about how it’s a mask but it’s not. I look at make up as add on to what too already have. Don’t you think?

Resents In Beauty¬


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