What In My Makeup Bag | Winter

What In My Makeup Bag | Winter

I can’t help but love how my makeup routine has become so simple in the that has made my touch up products less. If you had to open up my makeup bag a few months ago you would find almost half of my makeup in there.

Skin Care

The Beginner’s Guide to Product Types

For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do or how to treat my skin. I feel in my 20’s I wasted a lot of time using the wrong treatment products and cleaners. I knew what a cleaner was. The first step in a skincare routine but I truly didn’t know how to use it to my benefit.

Why Your Acne Products Aren’t Working

Why Your Acne Products Aren’t Working

Most of my blog post come off of the comment section and endless direct messages from instagram.That spot treatment  is in not working …Its a constant back and forth on how skin truly works.It’s not a one size fits all.Half of the time you are probably doing a bit of self sabotages on your end.

Skin Care Update

Skin Care Update | Understanding Your Skin

Over the years I have really moved away from trying different products that were recommended by skin influencer that don’t really know when am say my acne is itchy..some nights I can’t sleep my skin feels uncomfortable. To their response is drink water and put on sunscreen.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel Cream

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel For Dry Skin

I have been having a very difficult time with my skin. Dealing with this level of dryness and discomfort on my skin. This has, in turn, made me want to really look in at what I can do for my skin. I have had the best skin in winter. My pores are non-extent at this time of year. Acne is often associated with oily skin.

Best Drug Store Foundations

Best Drug Store Foundations | My Top 4

My skin is a work in progress and if it’s not happy I need to listen and make adjustments and no makeup doesn’t break me out you just don’t know what you are doing. Its become an annual post my top 4 foundations. I will start with my least my favorite.

So here we go…