Best Drugstore Concealer

You can get an incorrect undertone of foundation ..but your concealer has to correct. I have had a lot of foundation mishaps where the foundation undertone was not correct. I would use my concealer to correct that mistake. There are many different ways to use a concealer. You can use it to spot conceal, highlight or corrector imperfections.

Conceals are much thicker than foundations. Some are for dry skin .oily skin or acne-prone skin. There is a concealer for every type of makeup lover.

In this post, I will be chatting about my favorite concealers.

LA Girl Pro HD Concealer

It’s the first concealer that I brought and my favorite. Am holding thumbs that they discontinue it because of these brands cant be trusted . Its a tube of creamy goodness. I love everything about these concealers. It’s so easy to use I sometimes use it as a foundation.

In the color fawn which is such a universal color most beauty enthusiast that is if you are a woman of color…really love this shade(me included).

It’s my number one… concealer I love how easy it is the blend and the formula is so good that it really plays well with most of my foundations.

Nyx Can’t Stop won’t Stop Concealer 

It is a new baby in my concealer collection. Might I say it’s one of the best purchases I have made in 2019? I know am an little be hide on the scene but better late then never right?

I got this concealer by chance I wanted the foundation but I couldn’t seem to find my shade. Shopping for a concealer is very easy then a foundation.

I did a review on this foundation on my channel. WATCH HERE! OR READ HERE.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

It’s so easy not to love a concealer. For me, the fit me was not much of a good concealer. From the coverage to the consistency I have had to make it work. I did finish the lighter concealer but the darker concealer I am yet to use. 

WATCH THE VIDEO this is where I did a demo.

There isn’t much of a difference in concealer and a foundation most people will have you thinking a foundation is the most important makeup product.

I can live without foundation but never a concealer. My conceal collection is not as big as the most beauty blogger but am very particular in what goes on to my face.

They are correcting queens of makeup. They clean up your brows and hide your eye bags. You got to love them.