Best Foundations When You Are Dealing With Acne.

It was a bit of a problem finding a foundation that was kind to my skin. Most if not all of my foundations were not helping me much in my quest for clear skin.

Many people find comfort in a foundation so do I ..I felt I needed it even though it doesn’t cover texture skin…I could hide a bit in my makeup for a couple of hours.

I love makeup ,I think about it more often then not .Its more of a creative outlet then what most people think.
I truly felt being caged by not enjoying my makeup routine. So I had to do something…In this post I will be tell you the best foundations when you are dealing with acne.

Am currently dealing with acne again and Its quite laughable really. Not so long ago I had clear skin and telling the world how my skin care routine is acne proof.
Talk about prefect timing because right now I have changed my foundation routine.
to accommodate my skin .I always feel your skin care should speak your skins needs.

There are only a handful of foundations that I have personally used and not made my acne worse. Coverage is one of the most important things you probably would have to take into consideration when searching for a foundation for acne-prone skin. That’s in terms of the finish. My top two foundations are the Catrice HD Foundation prefect for everyday and affordable. The second is the Estee Lauder Double Wear this is not everyday day but only when I am going out.

I have done full reviews on these foundations so I will not go in depth on the specs. Watch the reviews.

You can pick and chose any foundation that suits your pocket but you must choose a foundation that is,

Am not the best cheer leader when it comes to foundations that contain proven acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid. I feel your skin care should be just that your skin care. Adding skincare ingredients in foundation is just not my cup of tea.

Hope this post would aide you in picking the correct foundation when you are breaking out.

Thanks for passing by!