Best Powders For Woman Of Colour

30 September 2018

Your finishing products are can make or break your makeup for the night. For deeper skin tones, a powder is everything. The setting powder has to speak to your foundation. I also use different shades of this powder for contour and highlight.

There is a lot to be said about setting powders. Every woman of colour has their own preference when comes to the which powder they love. But there are powders that top the ranks for me.

The Black Opal Deluxe Finish Powder

Black opal has the best shade range when it comes to products of the woman of colour. So when they release their powders I knew they wouldn’t disappoint.

I first played with the invisible powder and love everything about it. The Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder Dark in Medium is a light, silky, translucent powder.

It completes your look with a matte, shine-free finish. It is specially formulated to control shine all day long and come with colour-balancing pigments to enhance your skin tone. That is what the brand claims it will do…but it dose.

The texture of this powder is finely milled and smooth. Upon application, the product quickly and easily blends with your skin. I’ve used loose powders because they are higher in the pigmentation factor.

Colour Limited By Foschini Beauty 

When you are dealing with a complexion product you will deal with oxidation, Yes powder dose oxides as well. This powder by Colour Trends looked too good I had to buy it. I found it to be too light for my complexion so I mixed it with the black opal invisible powder. This combination has become my everyday setting powder.

An mismatched powder on dark skin looks ashy, has a terrible flashback and makes the face look lighter than the neck. So many setting powders are just not a woman of colour friendly, think of setting powder as the varnish a painter uses to protect pigments from fading over time.

Powders literally set your foundation and concealer and stop it from moving around on your face it creates a smoother finish and a flawless look overall. Even though the market is full of different powders these three have to to be my favourite for the woman of colour.