The most irritating step of my skin care routine is removing my makeup, I just hate the lengthy process.You watch YouTube videos on how to apply makeup like a pro but the information of how to remove it properly is far less.Not removing it properly can eventually destroy your skin.

Yes, Leaving makeup on your face can make your skin dry and lead to breakouts easily.The perception of a lot of women is that using soaps can help to remove the makeup, which is another biggest mistake they commit. So, it is always good to take some time and remove the makeup properly.Here are my best ways. 



It has been seeing a lot of this trend Cleansing oils it’s fast becoming one of the most popular products for removing makeup. It helps to break down even waterproof eye makeup.You remove your makeup faster you don’t have to tug on our face too hard to rub it onto our skin. Upon coming into contact with water, the cleansing oil turns into a milky consistency that can be easily washed off along with the makeup. This step is usually followed up by a water-based cleanser to effectively cleanse the surface of the skin. All skin types can use this type of makeup remover





Now, this trend was big 2016/2017 still is, I personally use cleaning water to remove my makeup.Cleansing waters are the perfect makeup removers for people with oily skin.

I have combination skin it does not contain any oil nor does it contain any harsh soap. It doubles up as a way of quickly refreshing your skin. It instantly hydrates the skin while removing makeup. They contain small micelles, which are designed to eat up dirt and makeup, eliminating the need to wash off the solution.




Cleansing balms are similar to cleansing oils, except they are thicker in consistency. Once it is on the skin, it turns into a thinner consistency liquid.We are getting in too much cooler months so cleansing balms are perfect because they hydrate your skin as well.So that might be something you consider when you start using Cleansing balms.They ensure that less irritation occurs designed to soften and calm the face.


It’s not that difficult to remove makeup …Its all in the routine and the products you decide on using. You must always take into considerations the type of skin you have as well.Thank you so much for reading my post and visiting my blog make sure you subscribe shear this post.

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