Braid gang!It’s what am on right now well for two weeks.There is something honest about having braids well for me at least, I feel much younger and natural well that a given but you know what I mean.For a good two years, braids have made a huge comeback.




A lot of women have gone natural and to that, it has and us woman of colour to start playing around with our own hair.It’s so beautiful to see and be a part of.Your braids look good of only 2 weeks that’s the life span for any braid hairstyle, I can say that boldly because I do my own hair.But on the real, if you need to start brushing your own hair to make it look presentable you need to start looking for another hairstyle fast.

It’s almost over a year since I have been natural braids have been my life and just really obsessed with them. Dealing with a C4 type of hair in winter its hell, to say the least, so braids are my life in winter. So whats your protective hair style this winter? Comment down below.


ggtheblog |30 July

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