Brunch With Greenery In Madrid

It’s the most beautifully captured restaurant I have ever seen….on Pinterest that is. I was doing my regular pinning saw one image that was full of greenery looking fresh and so inviting. I clicked on one image and it felt like I was Alice in Wonderland went in a rabbit hole of stunning images. Most Instagramers I include would have a field day in this space. This space was definitely elegantly decorated restaurant with a tropical look. Located in one of the most popular places in the area. I have been looking online at the reviews most if not all go to dine at The  ….because it looks so beautiful. Its a vide a whole mood …its what you want a space to make you feel. The cosy and modern atmosphere in the Madrid at exactly 3pm is where people flock to enjoy a light bite, dinner, or drinks. A colonial decor and an intimate ambience .with dishes from sushi and hamburgers to Mediterranean dishes. With such a varied menu you won’t fall short on what to eat.


Am so obsessed with this space I have studied it over a dozen times. The restaurant is so intelligently designed that you could almost feel in 4 different dinners in just one glance. One would think wallpaper is old fashioned but this green and white up to the ceiling are just stunning. With huge industrial laps adding the cheeky match the wooden chairs. It all comes together.


''This is one of those places where you go less for the food and more for the atmosphere.''

Calle Eloy Gonzalo,10
28010 Madrid


I know this is not the type of post you would expect from me.I have touched on design on the blog but giving a guide to a restaurant is different .Atlas I hope you enjoyed this post.

#Disclaimer I haven’t been to Perrachica. These views are researched.


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