I am a huge fan of Avon products, they just seem to have the correct formula going great affordable products and great prices. What’s not to love about this brand.I have tried out the Color Trend Nail polish .Color Trend is a subdivision in Avon that targets a teenage crowd. There is a hole rang of colors you could choose from but I just loved these two.

The nail polish goes on super smoothly and when dry leaves a smooth finish in nails. The varnish lasted a week without showing signs of wear and tear. The only reason it didn’t last longer was cause I took it off with nail polish remover.

I love the convenient chubby size of the bottle and how young and fun the color and packaging.I really love the color!!!



But I was highly disappointed with using the color trend nail polish as the formula was way too thin I had to use 3 coats just to get the right thickness.
Overall there was only one thing I didn’t love that much which I mentioned above.But these two colors are the nail polishes on rotation on the beauty self.

Tell me which Color Trend Nail Polish that you are loving?

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