Chances are you may mistake crochet braids for someone’s real hair, which is one of the reasons we’re big fans of the look. If you’re thinking about jumping on the crochet bandwagon, here’s everything you need to know about this trending hairstyle. In this picture above I have insulted crochet but only at the back.(sorry about not having a picture).

The hair I have used for this is called Hot Water color B1 .It looks so natural but it was very difficult to handle.The main reason I love this method it’s so quick and it last longer than if I had planted my whole head.I planted the front of my hairline just because it looked neater.


A few tips for installing crochet braids:

  • Make sure your hair is nice and clean before you install crochets
  • Use your best judgement to space the hair appropriately. Once you have most of the hair installed, feel and look around and ‘edit’ where needed.
  • Add more hair where you might want more volume or take out hair where it feels too thick.
  • Be more careful once you get to the front of your hair; you may want to use thinner strips of hair at this point, so that the knots are smaller and less visible.

Basic Install

  1. Cornrow your hair all back .
  2. Add the crochet hair bit-by-bit by using a crochet needle (or bobby pin).
  3. Slide the needle under the cornrow (latch closed).
  4. Open the latch, hook the hair onto the needle and close the latch.
  5. Pull the needle and hair under the cornrow until a medium-sized hoop is formed.
  6. At this point you should have a loop on one side of the cornrow and tails on the other side.
  7. Fold the tails over the cornrow and put them through the loop.
  8. Twist the loop with your fingers and put the tails through the loop again.
  9. Your first crochet ‘stitch’ should be secured. Repeat until you’ve covered your whole head


With everything practice makes perfect so you must as a woman going natural crochet hairstylist has been God sent.Hope this post was informative to you if so please share it on your social media platforms and press that follow bottom.




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