Its all about the color how it makes you feel when you step into the room.Its the comfort that gets you relaxed and ready to pull out your favorite book.Its all in the color and the furniture of course.The traditional browns and  blacks are the thing of the past the living space it need the be functional  but not boring.

Choosing a color that will depend solely in your personal test .Hence why I when for creams and whites hears why? White color scheme with various shades of off-white, cream and pale grey for a beautiful backdrop that lends itself to many different styles. Having green plants to add in a fresh feeling and look to the room.

Having grey wall will bring the room in making it more cozy then having white on white that would make the room look and feel bigger and we are gong for intimate and cozy.Position the furniture to make the room functional. If you have a fire place that would be your focal point or a TV in the living room.You will base the siting accordingly .

You can add in color like blush for that feminine feel ,add linen curtains at the windows to allow soft light to filter in to the room in off white or cream would be perfect.Linen-covered sofas would make more sense in terms of comfort.Having blanket on the couches is a nice touch in playing around with the textures.

The floor has to be wooden it much more inviting.Dark wood would give you a lovely contrast of the whites and grays but I would prefer a lighter wood, the room comes off lees harsh and more relaxed and clean.You can lay a soft wool rug that is in a break color to add in personality to the floor.And what is a sitting room with out a rug right?

I would decorate a dream like living room.I hope your creative juices have been flowing and that my blog post has been much help to you.

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