I really love that my that my knowledge of skin care is constantly evolving from reading up in different skin types really has equipped me in being knowable when and if someone asked me about a skin care type.I can not stress this enough one need to know their skincare type.This will make your life much easier when it comes to picking the correct skin care products


I hence recently  written a blog post about dry skin of which I received so much feed back and from you ladies asking me about dehydrated skin .Now at first I thought it was the one in the same …Little did I know after hitting up google.So in this post I will be providing much clarity some the differences each of this skin care type need and how to tell the difference.

Did you guys know that there’s a difference between having dry skin and having dehydrated skin?

-Dehydrated Skin -

Dehydrated skin looks flat due to surface cell deflation, and it shows a network of tiny, triangular fine lines,except  your face to feel tight and your complexion to appear as though someone turned the lights off inside it.I know that sound wired right …just let your skin have a drink .

+ I know it sounds redundant, but it really doesn’t need that much explanation: drink a lot of water!

+ Look for serums that contain hyaluronic acid and collagen to bring your skin back to life.

And that’s the difference guys I hope this post answered yo


-Dry Skin  -

Dry skin occurs deep between the layers of your skin but causes dry, flaky skin cells to appear on the surface, making skin appear rough, cracked and a little bit leathery.This type pf skin lacks suppleness and elasticity, which leads to early sings of wrinkles.


+ Use an oil-based cleanser .The whole point is to add back in the oils that your skin can’t produce itself.

+ Then, add a rich oil to your routine.



And that’s the difference guys I hope this post answered your questions about Dry or Dehydrated skin.Don’t leave your skin feeling thirsty this winter and feeling like a desert.



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