Editorial content is technically referred to opinion articles. Advertising content is content that has been paid for it to be produced.

On GGTHEBLOG I will cover both editorial and adverting content.

Editorial blog content will be content that I done research on and genuinely what to share with you guys. 

If I have used the product or service I will be searching it will be stated on the post as a review.

 I will not post any editorial content that is not a lined with my readers.

Editorial Content

  • Press release
  • Lookbook
  • Product Images
  • An invite to a sale or event
  • Possibly products for review (though this can get into a grey area)
  • Contests



Advertising content

When the content has been paid for it will be stated in that post or video. Any request for media kit should be don’t via email.

In request for Editorial content please email me on ggtheblog@gmail.com & Advertising content please use info.ggtheblog@gmail.com