Keep yourself full its what I have been doing these past weeks keeping me full to the brim. It’s not as easy to keep yourself full by that I mean loving yourself and being happy with the way your life is.This post is more personal I have been off for a while and during this time I have been looking at my whole career as a blogger and it’s a hard space to be in you become your biggest critic and your own worst enemy .If you don’t keep yourself-full you will lose your self by trying to be the popular blogger that you like so much.


On the GG this month on doing me its woman’s month so I thought I should do the very things that make me happy, from blog post to videos I have started being so unapologetic about my content.Am not so crazy about the numbers and how many likes I should get on my posts.It’s so easy to become so caught up in getting things just right so the right brands pick you over some other blogger, don’t try to be something you not you will get tired fast.


Welcome to a new chapter in my life I hope you will love the content I create will be honest and unapologetic life is too short to be someone else.


ggtheblog|01 August

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