I think a welcome back is in an order I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in a long time, It even feels weird I have been here but not present really.It’s hard to blog or write when am in a bad place in my life personally at some point in this mouth had to really question why am blogging?

I love words, wring did I ever mention that…Now my addition with beauty and the love of words it’s what this blog is about.

I have mentioned this to you guys but am blogging part-time now and its hard, no it’s beyond hard. It’s almost two years of blogging and it’s still slow but is still hopeful. It’s my dream to blog all-day attend events to know what’s new in the beauty industry building my brand in this industry just being successful. When I use blog full-time all I had been time but not enough money to run my business yes my blog is a business and if it has any chance of surviving I have the take it that seriously.

Am changing …. Am becoming content and trust me more in terms of creating content not second guessing myself it was hard getting there but am at that point.

OK so speaking about content. As stated on my home page I will be posting every Thursday and Tuesday subject to if am running a campaign or there is a bounce content for guy guys in the week. So here’s to a good month.

ggtheblog| 02 November

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