I can say am surprised ¬†with me starting to shape my blog with elements of a magazine,I have loved magazine for the longest time this is my first month of many .I must be honest its something I thought about for the past month or so It first started with a question of Why don’t I start writing an editors letter?.Then the ideas have been coming ever since of how a I could make my blog differentBeautyPlus_20161109175821_save and interesting really thought about it’s all in my head at this point .This is still a blog.As you could see from my previous posts I really play around with the layouts. Being a creative person this new way of putting out my content with challenging me creatively.Am truly excited with how very thing is worked out in my head lol,this month I will talk about the F\W Fashion week that took place in Johannesburg ,South Africa.The latest treads in makeup and fashion for the upcoming season.This is a way to get more content for my readers and growing the GG nation.I hope you enjoy this journey with me …welcome to my blog.


ggtheblog|02 April

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