So it’s June mid-year and it’s time to reflect.Being a new blogger I have come full circle. Starting out like most beginner bloggers you think is going to be easy but lies it’s so super competitive and hard.I was less stressed when I started but as the year progressed I began to doubt my creativity knit picking everything I post and do.It’s normal to blogging but you have to find your tune and stick with it.

beautyplus_20170511190644_save-01.jpegSo this month and forever am doing what I love am going to stop looking at the numbers there are important but they can kill your confidence and make you second guess everything you do.It has been quite refreshing not to care as much about the numbers for the past two weeks.

I have also switched things up on the 2nd last week of the May month to post daily it’s working but its a lot of pre-planning and am happy that it keeps me one my toes and I  dnt have too much time on my hands to look at stats all day. So to conclude am back to me not that I left but more like stick to what works for my blog.

The content of this month it’s filled with makeup, skin care fashion hair all the good stuff.  So if you are new to my blog Hello hope enjoyed my monthly letter. 

ggtheblog |01 June

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