Let’s take it back…truly the first makeup product I could have and was a lip gloss whether it was clear or with a tint of colour I loved it when my mother would buy a Barbie set it would come with those glittery lip glosses.So it safe to say my first touch with makeup was a lip gloss…But that all ended when I discovered lip liners.My makeup has somewhat become very Kim K but with colour.I love a good nude get as the next girl but the colours I stick you are deep purples and oranges very warm undertones.

Now you can tell by the colours that iv picked now the Essence Matt Matt Matt! Long Lasting Lip Gloss is not that matt but more creamy.This lip “gloss” is actually more of a moose formulation. It’s extremely lightweight, it almost reminds me of the Nyx soft matte lip creams.If you’re looking for a transfer proof matte product move along, but if you have dry lips and you wanna get in on the matte trend, step right up. This was the most disappointing factor when it came to these lippies.


This product has very quickly become my favourite lip product. Beauty Approved is a beautiful nude with warm undertones. perfect for a woman of colour. This has quickly become my everyday lip gloss.Watch the demo below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.


ggtheblog l 11 January

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