I often opt to give the salon a miss and tend to my nails myself.Its pretty easy to tend to my nail needs I have been doing them for years .One thing that I have straggled with is finding the perfect nail polish that dose not chip or take forever to dry.I hardly put nail polish on to my own nail because 90% of the time I got acrylic nails on.That being said I am always on the hunt to find a nail polish that will “heal” my nail bed while I tend to my real nails. The Essence Candies is what I reach for currently so lets see why I love this collection so much.

img_09421.jpgThe new nail candies won’t just make your nails shine in seven of the most gorgeous pastel shades They also offer six pampering benefits. It must be said this is such a lovely product! I definitely want to buy some of the other shades. The only shades I currently have are Casnova and Soda pop.One element that was a deciding factor for me was it dries quickly. It is extremely easy to apply, and leave an absolutely stunning simple manicured.Trust me your nails will look cared for and maintained.I would definitely recommend this. Wonderful for when you want to give your nails a break, but still have them cared for and have something on your nails.

IMG_0935[1]It is every rear that a nail polish would offer nails 6 in one benefits. Those benefits are:
Hardening nails
Protecting nails
Ridge filling
Fast drying
Fruity scented
High gloss finish

With every product there are the cons. That being said, although the color is not very intense, it does leave your nails looking healthy.I used it after my nails were damaged from acrylic nails and it kept them happy while they grew out.

Its a  beautifying nail polish. Its primary job it’s not coloring so if you like all the benefits of the nail polish, I recommend, because it does what it promises. Just don’t expect much from the color.

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