This mascara has become my newest obsession!! I’m not easily impressed with mascara am so picky but this one has won me over.I has fast become a mascara I reach of all the time,its still in front on my beauty shelf am not big on false lashes it just not something am so big on that why getting the perfect mascara is a must. It adds volume and length without looking clumpy and it’s affordable!

It makes your eyelashes look so full and black and makes them look so long.This mascara doesn’t flake off or transfer at all during the day!You would think this mascara is waterproof but its not , is long-lasting and stays in place throughout the day.If you like like long , black , false looking eyelashes then you need to get your hands on this mascara.For their Fall & Winter 2016 update they added three new mascaras so I decided to give one of them a try.

IMG_1062[1]The Packaging

This mascara is very basic. It has a black cap, white tube with black, white and pink details.It’s not too bulky but not too thin and I like the edgy details.In a 10 ml and its shelf life is 6 months. The type of brush is a fiber brush.The brush is slightly slanted, which means it gets thinner towards the end. This mascara only comes in black and this one is definitely a deep black.

IMG_1065[1]The Formula

Now it all boils down to the formula .The formula isn’t too liquid, it’s actually more on the dryer side. The fact that the formula is a little bit dry, this clings onto your eyelashes and coats them beautifully. It adds a ton of volume but also length and thickness.You can easily build up this mascara, but I wouldn’t recommend applying more than three layers because then it could get a little clumpy and start to look spidery. This one works perfectly both on the upper and lower lashes and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. It did smudge once and dries fairly quickly.

Essence doesn’t claim

If there’s one product I think Essence always kills it with it’s their mascaras.The new false lashes dramatic volume unlimited mascara by Essence is now available at your local store at Dis-Cham R59.00 (10 ml). Definitely give this mascara a try, you won’t regret it whatsoever!

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