The ability to have good skin is to have good skin care routine in place .This universal rule applies not only on your face but your whole body. We tend to for get to take care of the rest of the bodies ‘skin for the most part it’s because it is hidden. Winter is upon us and what better way than to get your skin in good shape before it gets cold. Having good healthy soft skin is a must this winter and what better way to start that process by using Eucerin products. Eucerin is well trusted brand when it comes to skin care .It is on top if you ask me in terms of the use of modern skin care solutions .

Eucerin pH5 Soft Body Cream

Now I personally don’t have any skin conditions like eczema but I must tell you how these products have an effect in reducing the itchiness and help to protect your skin. Eucerin pH5 Soft Body Cream is specially formulated for dry sensitive body skin. Having a normal ph. of 5.5 which is very important to insure the advances of harmful bacteria .The Citric Acid which is found in the Eucerin pH5 Soft Body Cream restores and supports skin’s optimal pH. This cream is the best fit for people that have a skin condition called eczema …give it a try you will thank you letter.

Nothing is more irritating than a body cream that leaves your body feeling sticky or dry right? But with the Eucerin pH5 Soft Body you won’t have that problem. It has a slight smell that won’t even bother a baby comes in 450ml jar and is perfectly priced at R190 as of this post price might change. The texture is creamy, smooth and easily absorbs into the skin .It leaves you skin feeling its best and hydrated of which lasts the whole day less eczema flare-ups.

Eucerin® UreaRepair Plus Body Cream 5% Urea

Having dry skin can be triggered by a lot of factors a chronic skin condition, weather, hormonal changes or even aging. Having dry skin can be uncomfortable
I really enjoy apply this cream onto my cracked heels, Yes it’s the best cream for them. but since been using the Eucerin® UreaRepair plus body cream 5% urea + ceramide & NMF my feet have never been happier.

That’s not the only places you can get relief of dry skin .In particular the Eucerin® UreaRepair plus body cream 5% urea is recommend to people with medical conditions that course the skin to become dry {Suitable for diabetic, aged skin and psoriasis}.Eucerin crame contains lipids such as ceramide which strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier and locks in the moisture.

When your skin is extremely dry and even diseased it doesn’t have the ability to lock in moisture but with the urea as the ingredient you skin will improve the skin’s water-binding capacity and increase its moisture content. Eucerin® UreaRepair plus cream has no smell mush thinner than the Eucerin pH5 Soft Body Cream is but in terms of the properties of fast abortions it’s the same but priced at R252.

Eucerin Original Extra Thick Cream.

So this tube has fast become my everyday cream the Eucerin Original Extra Thick Cream. They say water and oil never mix but in this tube I’d say it’s magical. With the w/o formula it’s sure a winner leaving your skin soft healthy. Having to deal with large pores on my thighs in particular this cream is sure not to clog your pores with no added fragrance it won’t cause any irritation.
This creme much thicker the two it perfect for winter. The best way to apply it is to take small amounts in your hand because it takes time to absorb into the skin. It is priced at R190 and can buy it at clicks online or at your nearest mall.

eucerin body cream
Eczema Relief Creme

My skin and feet are in perfect shape thanks to the Eucerin® UreaRepair plus body cream and the Eucerin Original Extra Thick Crème. Which one of this cream will you try …if you have which one works for your skin condition?

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