Eucerin Even Brighter | Review

18 February 2017

Nothing would make any woman happy then to have clear skin.We are all in the same boat.I have been using the Eucerin Even Brighter and am so impressed by how my skin has improved.

Eucerin Even Brighter skincare range is aimed at preventing the appearance of hyper pigmentation on the skin. The range includes a day cream, night cream and concentrate for reducing dark spots.

Both the Day Cream and the Night Cream come in identical packaging jars with screw on lids, containing 50 ml of product. The jars themselves are very solid .On the Eucerin website it is advised that you do not use these creams if you are allergic to its active ingredient b-resorcinol.


The Day Cream contains an SPF 30 and UV protection. It’s white and non-greasy, it has a slight scent to it and absorbs into the skin quickly. It claims to be suitable for all skin types.


The Night Cream is also neither heavy nor greasy. I wish it had been a bit richer. It just didn’t provide enough moisture for my  skin.


The spot corrector is supposed to be used twice daily, with 95% of respondents confirming a noticeable evening out of irregular pigmentation after 6 weeks of daily usage. I haven’t been using it daily but I have seen some difference. I hope this review was informative ,comment down below and tell me your skin problems.