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What Do You Edit Your Pictures and Youtube Video With?

This is a very difficult one because I never stick to one type of editing tool.It depends on my mood (LOL) ,but currently am back on VSCO for pictures and Adobe for my videos. 

What Is Your Favorites Beauty Brand?

I do not have one …I think over the years as a blogger you have the brands you naturally love …but a favorite no

What Made You Start Your Blog?

Mmmm…..I needed something to take my mind off things …In 2015 I was in training to become traditional healer  and when I came back I did have a job…{I had to quit my job} and I had so much time on my hands and I always wanted to crate a blog and I thought why not ? …

What Dose GGTHEBLOG Mean?

Its part of mt clan name ….Am very cultural 

What Do You Enjoy Youtube? Or The Blog?

My blog is first I always say this but YouTube is so must fun …less stressful…So am going to have to say Youtube for now !

The best blogging platform ?


Whats your thoughts about blogging in South Africa ?

Wow …Its still in the early stages ..but we are getting there ….Most SA brands still reach out to the bigger influences and not the newbies.Which you really cant be mad at one thing about blogging its that it is very hard ..Its such a over crowded  industry Its hard to stand out …that is why you such be yourself always ..

Which Social Medea Platform Is you Favorite ?

Insta Insta “lol”

Do You Consider Yourself A MUA ?

No…I really don’t like putting on makeup on another person ? …