We are in session that encourages bright and colorful dresses but am on the other side of the color wheel.If is black am buying it ,its been a phase am currently in.Its so easy to pick out clothes when you have black as your staple color.I did take any pictures of my outfits these are just items that I incorporate in my everyday look.


This bag I got by default when I went shopping with my mother for my friend’s wedding. You know those fashion items you get because your outfit doesn’t come together. So that’s how I got this bag.Its black looks like a channel but it’s not lol. I brought this bay for R170 at a Chinaes store.Its my go to bag for shopping or going out.



Heels are the deal all the time.These black heels I brought from shoe city they were having a sale and I had to get them. Most if not all of my heels are all sharply pointed I feel that it makes my feet look smaller and the heel is perfect.One thing that I love about these shoes it’s how versatile they are.They be worn with jeans a casual dress or an evening gown.

I will in future fashion post give you guys more images.Comment down below on which items ate on rotation in your closet this summer.


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