Its not so easy to do to decorate you own personal space for the first time that is.You must have had a hang of it when you had to deal with your own personal bedroom but its not as overwhelming as a full on apartment.In this series I will build different room ideas on how you can go about in decorating your apartment. I will be dealing with my female audience but if some would request I do manly vision I will do so.Now these are the things you should keep in mind when decorating.



Your first apartment is a wonderful blank slate, and it can be tempting to fill it up with wonderful things within the first few weeks. But decorating, like a lot of things, can be much more rewarding if you take it slow. Remember that you’re not on a schedule, and that there are only a few things that you need right away. For everything else, waiting will give you time to figure out what you want, save up for big purchases, and maybe even find a vintage piece that’s just right.

kaboompics-com_bedroomFrom my very scientific research (i.e., talking to friends about decorating), I have discovered that a lot of people, when creating a space, think first about the colors of that space. Once they have picked colors — say, blue and silver — for their space, everything tends to fall into place around that. Blue sofa, silver coffee table, rug and artwork and lamps that match all these things

Furniture is only a really small part of what makes a space feel like itself, and you’ll find, if you dig deep into the archives of any design blog, that a lot of attractive spaces actually have very little furniture at all. This is an argument for slow decorating (see #1!), and also for paying attention to the things about a space that you might not notice right away — things like rugs, and art, and window treatments, and plants. If you acquire furniture slowly, and mix your acquisitions with purchases of other things that liven up the mix, you’ll get to the right balance without going overboard.
There is a lot you can find in second hand shops the most beautiful pieces idea so you have to be open minded .You don’t have to be rich to have nice things.
In your twenties are a very exciting time, and who you are will change and what you like may change, too and its OK. For one, don’t spend more on any one thing than your budget will allow. Let yourself go with your passion.With decorating, as with life, half of the joy is in the getting there.

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