Foundation Fridays | A New Series

I have been slacking in this department of my content.

I have been slacking in general.

The Reviews part.

Man I feel like sh*t for my slacking.

I can make as many excuses as I can to justify my lack of effort but I really cant. Am sure you guys have had enough of me telling you guys about how hectic my life is.

Lest move on shell we!

As the title states am going to do a sires on my blog called Foundation Fridays’ have been doing a lot of foundation reviews on my YouTube channel.If you are firmly with first Monday of every mouth.

This is a rule on my YouTube channel where I review a new foundation or a concealer. If has been going good other then me skipping an upload here and there.

I love doing reviews its was the back bone on my channel till my skin car content took over.But anyway I would like to do written forms of those video here.

Just think of this as a extended video description with imagery.Starting a series will give me a sense of direction with my content.

Hopefully I can now stop feeling like sh*t for my inconsistency.