It’s no secret that women with darker skin tones often have trouble finding the right foundation shades. Whether it’s picking out the perfect match for their skin tone or having limited shade options available in cosmetics lines, it can be tough.These are the foundations that I feel are good for woman of color.

Maybelline Mousse Foundation

This Maybelline Mousse Foundation is overall a good foundation in mousse form rather great for oily acne prone skin since this keeps oil and shine at bay. It gave me matte effect immediately on application and this effect was there till evening without any oiliness or shine which I actually liked but if you have dry skin then this is definitely not for you since this can make your skin look more flaky and rough.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

The coverage is actually medium-to-full with a light swatch as well so I recommend starting with less than you think you need and building up only in areas that need more coverage. I also find that it looks way better after an hour post-application since it settles into the skin and looks very natural. This natural look lasts throughout the day without looking patchy or breaking down.



Black Opal Foundation Stick

Black Opal Foundation Stick is hands down one of the best foundation sticks for women of color. They’re a fave of many makeup artists along with cream formulas as they can easily be manipulated to give them the coverage and finish they need to beat a face. The finish isn’t dewy and it isn’t matte making it a great option in just about any type of weather.

Black Opal Pore Perfecting Foundation

It’s a light to medium coverage foundation that keeps your skin looking like skin but just better. The foundation applies easily to well prepped skin moisturizer and primer. I use a half a pump of the Truly Topaz color or Beautiful Bronze. When I wear this foundation it does give me a matte finish. I have to say the foundations lasts on the face but I did notice some transfer on my phone you will need to use concealer on those parts of your face first before applying the foundation.

There are other brands that do foundations for woman of color like MAC.I love the brand I just haven’t gotten my hands on it as yet.

As always I hope you enjoyed my blog post.



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