Goal Settings for 2020

It’s a new decade I have made such poor choices in my 20; s that I am paying for now. I feel different. In the past years, I have been excited and happy but this time around I feel positive but clam…maybe it’s my age am turning 30 in a few days. I have mentioned in my previous post about being unsure about my content.

Pond’s Age Miracle Firming Mask

My 30’s are a couple of weeks away …and to be truthful I thought I would be panicking a bit .All the plans I have has for my 20’s never really amounted to much.

One thing that my 20’s have thought me is to take better care of my skin. It’s not hard it’s just a great after thought.

Foundation Fridays | A New Series

I have been slacking in this department of my content.
I have been slacking in general.
The Reviews part.
Man, I feel like sh*t for my slacking.
I can make as many excuses as I can to justify my lack of effort but I really cant. I am sure you guys have had enough of me telling you guys about how hectic my life is.
Lest move on shell we!

The Products I’d Want on a Desert Island

Its not that hard really ..I might have been a hard I think when I was a beginner in makeup.As a beginner you tend to feel the need for every make products you own in so you can  complete a face.But with years of putting on makeup under my belt I can sever with a lot less makeup then one could think.

My New Content Plans | 2019

So it is been a while since I have sat down and written any thing for a whole month. Am not the most consistent but it feels like a while.I have been moving so between August and September things have been hectic in my side.Now that is more settled I thought I would updated you guys on where my thoughts are of late.

Skin Care Dupes

Am a South African beauty blogger and ever since I struggled with my skin when I would watch skincare channels here on Youtube they would suggest products that I will have to wait for weeks on end to get them.

These dupes that you’ve seen in this post are products you can get from Dis-chem or Clicks. Mainly my skincare videos I would like them to have products that can be found in South Africa. It was very difficult to find these dupes but I did.

Cut Dairy Out Of Diet For Clear Skin

Eliminating dairy from your diet can improve skin texture and tone and improve skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Now the joys of dealing with my weight issues instead of consuming full cream milk I opted for the slim milk thinking it would be good for my health …and was I wrong.