Best Drugstore Concealer

You can get an incorrect undertone of foundation ..but your concealer has to correct. I have had a lot of foundation mishaps where the foundation undertone was not correct. I would use my concealer to correct a mistake. There are many different ways to use concealer. You can use it to spot conceal, highlight or corrector imperfections.

The Emergency No-Breakout Routine

The pain as an acne-prone girl is thought of having to deal with acne again. You would think I have learnt my lesson but in this blog post, I will be telling you how I fell off the ben wagon. I should come clean about my poor skin care routine that put me in this position. I have been dealing with a lot of breakouts lately. First, it was triggered by milk now this.

Catrice HD Foundation Review

The Catrice foundation that offers just the right amount of coverage, a smooth finish and a perfect color match. It is a factor us beauty bloggers can’t seem to find. It’s more sheer than regular foundation, allowing you to see the skin, yet it gives a much softer focus and better coverage.