Glycolic Acid The Most Loved Acid

A skincare ingredient that if not most but all of my favorite skincare influences talk about but never really given any clarity on why it is so wildly use but every skincare brand.

I will be telling you about Glycolic acid and why it is such a loved acid. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. What makes it a favorite from the likes of lactic and salicylic acids is the small molecular size that allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin to target your complexion concerns.

I have done a video on Salicylic Acids you can watch it below I will link it. But going back to the Glycolic Acid I love the fact that everyone can use it regardless of age, skin type (even sensitive complexions), and tone. Plus, it’s safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Since dealing with such acne-prone skin it’s one of the acids am going to incorporate into my skincare videos. Its ability to penetrates deep into the skin to address cystic and regular breakouts, but it helps increase cell turnover, accelerates healing, and fades acne scars. For all-over blemish control.

When applied to the skin, acne products containing glycolic acid weaken the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. … In a nutshell, by eliminating the buildup of oils and dead skin cells, glycolic acid ensures the pores are less likely to become clogged and acne breakouts are less likely to occur.

Glycolic Acid is the holy grail for exfoliation. Products that contain Glycolic Acid are used often to treat scarring, skin discoloration and signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.

I personally don’t have any product containing Glycolic acid. I truly have been misinformed by what this exfoliant can do to my skin. Hence am telling you guys about it. Nothing beats good skincare.