Goal Settings for 2020


It’s the first of January and tomorrow its charismas’. Yes, am writing this post on Christmas Eve. I should be relaxing and cooking but here I am planning my next decade. I am trying here. This year has been the worst in terms of my content.

I did have goals in 2019 it was to grow my YouTube channel and I did am so gratefully for that. It took a lot of hard work and consistency to get it to where it is now. In 2020 I want to give that same energy to my blog.

Invest in yourself this year-

…It’s a new decade I have made such poor choices in my 20; s that I am paying for now. I feel different. In the past years, I have been excited and happy but this time around I feel positive but clam…maybe it’s my age am turning 30 in a few days. I have mentioned in my previous post about being unsure about my content.

The importance of planning I have seen in on my YouTube channel. I post twice a week on Thursday and Monday and it has worked out for me. But on my blog am thinking I should post more. Just to get the ball rolling again.

The second goal on the list is to be more social and forget about the numbers…ha-ha it’s going to be difficult I mean I want to do this full time. Numbers are paychecks don’t let anyone tell you otherwise but they can hurt you.

Like me

That is why I have made dictions to stop overthinking it… And just make content that I love. I firmly believe I can start making enough income to quit my job if I stick to being consistent.

I have made a lot of goals last year and most of them I didn’t reach. And in previous years I would feel bad about myself in not accomplishing what I had in mind. Taking things one day at a time is very important in not beating yourself for not losing that extra weight by 31.12.2019.


My main goal this year is to quit…

My job. I have become seriously comfortable in my job.

I call it A job because am there to get paid. I don’t love or enjoy my 9-5 but I am grateful. There is no shame in wanting more for yourself.

The plan is to work on me more. Do the very little or big thing that will take me farther to my quitting my job.

Write more ..Laugh more 

Happy New Year!