Good Alcohol In Skin Care


We are all well aware that I have become very interested in what’s in my skin care products. I have been hearing a lot of people in skin say that Alcohol based products are not good for your skin. On the other hand they tell you there is a hand full of alcohols that are good for you skin.

In this post I will to telling which ones are the good ones.

There are different types of alcohols that can be found in your favourite toners or moisturizers’ I have had a hard time in picking the right toner for my skin. Yes, I have used toners that worked but I feel there is something is missing in my current toner. Am not mad at it but it can always be better.

I use the African Extracts Rooibos Purifying toner it’s a good toner and it contains one of the good alcohols Alcohol Denat. It’s much more of a simple alcohol.

These are the much more simple alcohols the fatty ones .They do not pose a threat to your skin they are very good for your skin. These types of ‘good alcohols” help sweeping away oil. Even though your skin dose produces its own oils that help maintain the skins natural mostuer and acts as a natural barrier against bacteria. So as much as I hate sebum it’s actually very much needed in your skin without it your skin is exposed.

Now having your skin exposed in such a manner will leave your skin venerable. The removal of all of those helpful oils can send your skin into overdrive. This has happened to me I used a lot of products that dried out my skin .I thought having less oil would mean no acne .But my skin just produced more sebum that just made me break out more and more.

Alcohols made using petroleum products, fatty alcohols are derived from natural ingredients like coconut and nuts. These fatty alcohols include cetyl alcohol made from coconut oil, and stearyl alcohol which is made from coconut or vegetable oil. Rich in healthy fats, these alcohols are generally used as emulsifiers, to help create a thick, luxurious texture in skin care products.

Due to their high content of fatty acids, fatty alcohols can actually have a positive impact on your skin. Fatty acids have emollient properties, meaning they help to bolster your skin’s defensive barrier, by both locking in moisture and potentially protecting your skin from damage. While fatty acids are safe for use on most skin types, they may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Like denatured alcohols, fatty alcohols are generally considered safe from an overall health perspective. So when you see ingredients like cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol, have no fear!

Another important tip when using alcohols? If you’re using a product that contains alcohol, just be sure it’s a rinse-away product, like a cleanser. The biggest place to avoid alcohols is in things like creams, foundations, primers, and serums.

I very much hope you enjoyed my blog post and here’s to good Alcohols!