So your feet are out for the hole world to see and might I say I know they don’t look to cute to put out.So start my summer series 2017 I thought I would be fitting to begin at the bottom literally (lol).No one wants ashy feet in summer its just not cute.So me being so kind and thoughtful I have a set of products that are going to help you in your quest in getting soft feet.Its smells like your favorite desert and its for your feet ..yes ladies its a pomegranate and chocolate exfoliating scrub and moisturize. OK let’s get into these two gems.


Pomegranate juice beats even green teas, when it comes to hydrating your skin,applying the seed oil to your skin will quickly replenish moisture and smooth away any dryness and roughness of the skin.Hydration is imperative to having soft feet. Chocolate is also your friend in the battle for good skin. A chocolate pedicure will give your dry and rugged feet the moisture and pampering it needs. That is why this duo is killing the soft feet game right now.

How To Use It

Apply on clean dry feet,massage into your skin until absorbed mainly focusing on the rough spots. Wait a few moments then you wash the scrub off.Once your feet are super soft you go in with your moisturizer which smells too cute .

I have been using this set from the start if summer and the results are almost immediate but that solely depends on how severely bad are your feet.The price point is not that bad for both I got them for R180. Please bare in mind that the prices might have changed AVON. I hope that was insightful please let me know what you guys want me to chat about in this Summer Series.


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