Are you a high cover girl? If you are a woman of colour you must be a high cover girl.There are a lot of foundations In the market but not every foundation will cover your acne marks most will try but not do the job 100%.This is not my everyday foundation I only take it out when I want that high coverage.I love me some L’Oreal Infallible it works solely because it has an orange undertone.When I use these three I know my face will slay. 

Primer | 

While a moisturiser is designed to hydrate and protect the skin, a primer is used to mask wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin before a foundation are applied. I really like this primer to keep my skin matte. It has a silicone feeling to it and does fill pores a little but not amazingly. It leaves a really smooth canvas for applying foundation and if used with a pore-filling primer like professional where needed.

Foundation  |

There is nothing that annoys me than a foundation that ends up flaky.The  L’Oréal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation is a liquid foundation that even’s out the skin tone, leaving skin looking flawless. The hyper-glide oils which help the foundation to glide over the skin and has a dewy finish so gorgeous.

Setting Spray | 

Your make up won’t move that’s what it should be called.This is going to be so important in those hot Summer days. This is probably one of the best inexpensive makeup setting sprays on the market. It definitely seals your makeup without it looking cakey.

Am ready for summer are you?Its the bests base products to use when you want to cover and last long.I hope you now know what covers.

ggtheblog | 16 November 

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