It is the time of the year when drinks are going around.T here is party invitation upon invitation one can’t even keep up. It’s all good when it’s going down yes, it feels good but have you given a second thought what alcohol might be affecting your skin ? while one more gin and tonic at the end of the night might seem like a good idea at the time, but when morning comes your skin is screaming.

With my journey with my skin, I have looked at what I consume on a daily basis so different. The very thing you eat could be the reason behind a clear skin. I was never the girl that could say no to a good glass of gin but of late my skin has given me a good re to cut back a bit.

Alcohol is a toxin and regular consumption of it has many immediate effects on how your skin looks and can have a long-term impact on how skin ages by impairing your skin’s ability to repair itself.

Read on to know how your skin will suffer at the hand of a glass of wine.

After that first sip of wine if you have the skin condition rosacea and skin sensitivity the effects of drinking on your skin right away. Alcohol aggravates it …red wine is good for the heart but not for you. The histamines and tyramines in red wine cause an intense dilation of blood vessels which cause a mild allergic reaction that can leave your skin looking more sensitive. So try white wine or clear liquor-based cocktails to avoid any skin issues.

Now you have your cute shoes on and they are your most comfortable pair, but funny enough as the night goes on your shoes are feeling tighter than when the evening began. Good old H2O is the last thing you want to drink your body will start to retain whatever water it has to defend itself against the dehydrating effects of alcohol, resulting in uncomfortable bloating, swelling and puffiness from head to toe.


Dealing with a hangover is one thing but when you are seeing the effects of you misbehavior on your face that might not to so cute. Drinking alcohol is the fastest way to dehydrate your body. If you don’t drink water as much as you are drinking that glass of gin your skin will be looking dry and feeling tight and uncomfortable the next morning.I have personally stopped drinking any alcohol that is too high in sugar. Breakouts in the days that follow thanks to a spike in glucose levels which can lead to an overproduction of sebum and the development of new pimples.

If your alcohol consumption is more of a weekend thing this could lead to health issues. Your skin may develop broken capillaries that will leave the complexion looking permanently flushed, particularly around the nose and cheeks.Alcohol can affect your digestive organs and drastically impact the appearance of the skin, with poor gut health showing up for many in the form of hormonal breakouts, eczema, and excessive sebum production.

So drink on this festive season but with a glass of water in the other hand. Your skin will thank you as time goes on. I hope you find this piece of concent useful tel next time.