How to Fill in Your Eyebrows With Soap

I don’t tend to get in the habit of following trends when it comes to make up. But brows are different hears why?

They shape your face they are the leaders to predict what type of overall makeup you end up doing. For years we have been at the mercy of the much highlighted, contoured insta-gram brow. To that I happy to tell you that its time it’s up we are moving more towards the more natural brows.

There are different types of natural brows that beauty influencers and makeup artist are doing. But the most common out of the five is the soap brows. It’s not a new trend it might to some but the soap brow was very much the in brow before the Instagram brow took over in 2016-2018.

Most of you might not know the soap brow is an old Hollywood trick. Back in 2016, the well-known you tubers of the Pixiwoo sisters used this beauty hack and it back you can see it being done by most influencers on Instagram.

I have been using fewer products to fill in my eyes brows. I have pretty full eyebrows so doing soap brow is there is not much difficulty. It is a very simple but tricky hack if your brows need much need filling in.

Before we get into the actual step let’s get into the different products you can use and the type of eyebrow you can get using each product. The most common brow fill in a product that is used with this hack is a brow gel or pencil.T he gel gives you a fuller brow as appose to the pencil that gives you a more natural brow look.

Let’s get full brows shall we!

Step 1: Brush your brows upwards with a clean spoolie. Then you wet the spoolie with a makeup setting mist or water

Step 2: You then rub the wet spoolie on to the soap bake and forth (make sure the soap you are using is clear ).Brush your brows up using that spoolie .

Now let’s take the soap as wax or primer to make you natural hairs stand and not move for hours.

Step 3: You now look crazy. With you brows in place. You take the products to fill in your brow can be a pencil or a gel. To get the soap brow look you only fill in the part s where you don’t have any hair.

Step4: Once you are happy with that. Then you take your foundation or concealer that is very close to you shade you your skin to clean up the brow product. Be sure to only clean under the brow and not the top.


At this point your brows should look like this.



Happy? I know w I was now toy are on trend and ready to show off you soap brow on the Instagram. No brow gel works as well as a soap this hack might not stay for as brow trends change but you children might ask you about it in years to come.