How To Get Of Rid Hyper-pigmentation | Skin Care

The last thing you want to do when you are having break outs it’s to use any marks on your problematic skin. This was me a few months ago I just didn’t want to put on anything.
It’s been a few months now and I must say my skin has gotten better, with that I thought I should share my current skin care products that are helping with my pigmentation.

The first and the most favorites are the two brightening makes that I have started using for the last couple of weeks. The L’Oréal Clay Bright Mask is my almost every day I should say. I love how this mask makes my skin feel so smooth. With red algae it helps with the brightening of the skin. Even though I don’t really like using scrubs but this is a more gentle exfoliate .But the Yardley Oatmeal 2-in1 Brightening Scrub & Mask can be used as a cleaner but I prefer to use it as a once a week mask On every second Sunday I use this mask in the morning. This mask is good to tone complexion and reduce dark marks in light and dark skins.

The next item in the list is the eucerin concentrate serum. This serum is not new to my skin .I received a PR drop in 2017 and I had the liberty to try these serums so I knew what they were capable of. Buying them was no brainier .I use the eucerin concentrate serum in the evenings; gently rub it in the problem areas of my skin. A serum to apply before your moisturizer so it works on my skin and this gem it promises to minimize the appearance of pigmentation in just four weeks. If you’re also oily or even combination-skinned you could really enjoy this serum.

And the lastly on my hyper-pigmentation routine we have a product that is not really made to target pigmentation but it’s new on my list. Last year I got invited to the new dermalogica store so it was such fun to get introduced to the brand .As you know events have goodies bags and we were gifted the dermalogica smoothing cream cleanser. So it being knew I don’t really know how it will react to my skin so I use it every other day. Love that it is soap free so it won’t strips the face of its impurities .So for it’s a joy to use.
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