How to cook the perfect Oatmeal

It’s the most important time of the day to fuel your body with all its nutrients.
Breakfast is at 10am …to some it might be at 8am, Being not so much of a morning person it very difficult to eat anything heavy.
I like it half done with lots of warm milk and a bit of brown sugar and cold milk.
Oatmeal is a stan favourite for mine and too many it brings childhood memories besides soft porridge with milk.
On a Sunday morning, it’s in my routine to cooking oatmeal well spiting a cup of coffee.

There many different types of oats:

Rolled oats: The most common variety of oat, though not the healthiest oatmeal. …

Quick oats: These are processed even further, simply rolled into even thinner flakes to ensure they cook faster.

Instant oats: These are the most heavily processed

Am really not a fan of instant oats I feel is too overcooked.

But un the less let’s start:

First, you cook… you boil some milk and let it simmer yes boil milk.
I really prefer to use full cream milk It just adds creamy teats. Oatmeal doesn’t take that long so you only need about 5 too 15 minutes to cook. At this point, you add the sugar as well….I know right my way of cooking is different. So now you have your milk and sugar in the pot and ready for some oatmeal.

Make it Wet….I cooked with milk so I added some more milk just because I love a milky blow of oatmeal.

And add some crunch…There are plantly of options but I love adding nuts or some seeds.

Now my favourite part we eat I hope you really love my take on an old loved favourite.

Comment down blow as to how you cook your oatmeal.