How To Stay Consistent With Your Night Time Skin Care Routine

The pains of a 9 to 5 are always ever so present . When coming home from work and having to remove your makeup It can be very annoying. In recent weeks I have been coming home very late and to that, it has made me skip some very important steps in my routine.

Most people would tell you that they don’t have a really consistent night time routine. I have skipped my toning step for more time in my bed. Makeup wipes, wash my face and moisturize. Yes, in that order and time and time again I have lied to myself. Tomorrow we will get better. That has quickly changed I have fast developed a routine that would beat and lazy bone in my body.

As soon as I get home I go straight to my bathroom and remove my makeup. Once my makeup is off I really have no excuses to not get into my skincare routine.

You would think I would have learnt my lesson by having a history of acne. I have been doing this for a mouth and I might stay It was the best decision. My skin is thankful.

My night time skin care routine is not exactly done at night more so at sunset, but it gets done.