I honestly can’t tell you how much am obsessed with jeans from my Pinterest finds to my old favorite jeans I have.I ways couldn’t understand why my jeans never looked the same f from the time I brought the pair.So I did so research of ways to take care of your jeans.

1. To Wash or Not To Wash.

Constantly washing your denim can destroy the fibers and ruin that perfect wash. The less you wash the better.Try by all means to use washing power that is for jeans but if yo can’t turn your pieces inside out to preserve the color and wash in cold water. 

jeans-89042_6402. Freeze It

I know it sounds crazy but if you shouldn’t wash your denim pieces, the most popular option is to freeze it! I even gave this a try all you have to do is put your denim in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.The reason why you would do that is leaving your denim in the freezer overnight helps kill bad odors making your pieces fresh and clean the next morning.I know that a great hack right. 

3. Let’s Stay In Shape 

Jeans especially, tend to stretch out and lose its shape.But to keep their shape all you have to do is turn them inside out and throw them in the dryer for about 20 minutes to bring them back to life.

A good pair of jeans is the foundation for any wardrobe. They are easy to dress up or down with denim itself is a major trend this season.I hope these tips will help, comment down below of how you take care of jeans.

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  1. Jeans are such a wardrobe staple. These are great tips. Recently, I had a pair of black jeans that had lost colour – but were still in great condition. I bought a black dye for the washing machine and they look as new as ever.

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