Grab your mothers old jeans and stay ahead of fashion. No one can say that fashion is like an evolving door the pasted comes back to to future. When this trend started to make its a come back I was not 100% convinced that I would get on the ban wagon and rock the embroidery jean look.

I am more into the Jean jackets then anything they look so in chic and out there …l love being different in anything creative that I do so having a printed big flower on my back would sure be my thing.The jean dose all the talking so you don’t need to over do it when it comes to your top. Try to keep it simple and still on trend
Embroidery on jeans adds a unique touch to everyday denim, whether it’s lending a tough-luxe finish, retro edge or playful allure. The trend featured heavily in a number of SS16 collections, with labels from Alexander McQueen to Valentino all getting on board with decorative denim. It’s also quickly become a celebrity mainstay.


Given that it looks set to stay, it’s worth exploring how to wear embroidered jeans without looking like a modern-day Pocahontas or a costume party hippy.For a more delicate finish, you could get the look I have created its simple and still on trend it can go from night time to day time.Noe I very much hope you wont be afraid to try this trend Its seems like it is here to stay.

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