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13 October 2018

In tune to what I promised myself beginning of the year to better take care of myself I have invested time and effort to get my nail bed back to its healthy way .Now I have an acute addiction when it comes to my nails. They are always I mean always done without fail. My love for fake nails doesn’t come from me not having natural nails but more so of my level of not tolerating my nail polish chipping.

Over the years I have used and abused my nails and its time I got them back. It’s more challenging than I thought it would be. I mean I hardly stay a full a day without my fake nails…It’s so bad I have a nail bag for an emergency…  {lol} ..if one of my nails would decide to come off.


My damage to my nail bed is more on glue that has ate away at the nail bed. Am not so big on acrylics they give me no freedom. I would spend a lot of money on my nails alone because I change my nails so often. So in the journey  of fixing my nails I needed to come up with a routine .


Old habits die hard so baby steps shell we! ….I have a new set of nails every two weeks .Sunday was the day for nail change. I would pick a new nail color and select a new shape form my collection of fake nail. That’s was my old way of doing things.

 I needed to create a day …yes a day .I did mention baby steps here ..where I only do this my new routine.


Re-movement of nails:

I sock my nails in warm water with olive oil then I remove the nails …It is the simple way to go about doing it but I feel acetone is very harsh as it removes a lot of natural oils from your skin. I have used this method for years I have mastered it.

Step two is cleaning:

I soak them in warm soapy water and use a soft brush to clean them. This will not only cleans my nails but will prevent any types of infections which occur due to germs and dirt accumulations.

Step three:

Is I apply my favorite calcium builder by LA .Girl which helps to grow you nails thicker, healthier  by protecting nails from breakage, chipping and peeling. I have been using this for about few weeks and it had helped me a lot.

I let it dry which it’s not that long.

Step four:

…Is an added top coat .I tends not to put on nail polish on my natural nails. Now …I only keep my nails at this state for about Two days then am back to my fake nails again. To finish off I use my current hand cream.

It’s going to take a while to get them to the state they use to be. Am taking the first step in using this combo. I will update you guys on my Instagram stories.