Most people might not know that I have gone all natural when it comes to my hair.It truly has tested my patients so mush that I have thought once or twice to grab that relexer.I have came a long way in my journey so I thought it would be fitting that I tell you guys why I decided to go natural.


Let me take a deep breath…… I always have had a problematic schlup hated taking relaxer course I knew my scuplt would be bunrt .That has to be the main reason behind my change.

Its been a good 5 to 6 months since my big cop my hair was so tiny I did take pictures.but I is evident to  that my growth is substantial. I will upload an update video to this blog post in my YouTube channel so be sure to cheak that would once its uploaded.

If you would like to know how to grow your hair there is a video on my channel already for you.

As always its been a pleasure chatting to you guys please comment on this post as to what hair problems you might to havein so we can tackle them.

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