My New Content Plans | 2019

So it is been a while since I have sat down and written any thing for a whole month. Am not the most consistent but it feels like a while.I have been moving so between August and September things have been hectic in my side.Now that is more settled I thought I would updated you guys on where my thoughts are of late.

Since I had this time on my hand I had time to think about were am at in my journey as a blogger how things stand now if I want to continue on some platforms? its been a lot .I have had this blog for two years and over the years I have mastered the ability to talk myself out of writing or being consistent with it.

I had be bitten by the Instagram bug and couldn’t see producing any form or content other then an Ig post. A lot has changed, I took a break removed my followers and sort of pressed the reset button.That has made me truly enjoy the platform again.

But that not what its post is about ….lets forces here

People feel its easy to work for yourself.I mean blogging is a hobby that can make you money but you must take it seriously but not to serious because you will come off as less authentic….right

Its just a lot.

Am not really re-branding I feel I have developed a good feel for my brand. Am a beauty blogger
my content is mainly makeup and skin care.
I still want to keep on creating content in those category but expend in lifestyle.

I feel my blog lacks personally, my YouTube Chanel is growing at a health rate but this platform is currently no mans land. YouTube works better because your audience gets to know your personally a bit.Even if its a review you get to see my actual reaction.

Me having my lifestyle content it will make you guys my audience here get to know me a bit.

I did a couple of blog posts that I took down am sure there is one or two that are still lifestyle here. Creating content in beauty is not difficult but sometimes I just want to talk about how am currently feeling where my head is at you know.

This addition has come from influence by one of my favorite bloggers  IN THE FROW when I read her blog posts. I feel good about my journey as a blogger and she gives advice about self confidence.How to tackle issues.. we actual have conversations in her comment section.

I really feel like I know her a bit ..and I  find that a it lacking in my blog.

I have so much I want to say…lol but am officially adding Lifestyle content on GG. I do not want to develop time of my uploading I just want to post as much content as I can this year.I think from next year I will have days in which I upload…..Right cool

I hope you guy are up to date now!